Six-handed yamadori_ Acer campestre

First yamadori of 2018
By far the largest one I have ever collected.  Single handed. 

I have been circling  this tree for a good number of years.   Years of rejections, hopes and doubts:
Too big....
Well, ok it is a little bit overgrown  but...
No chance....
C'mon man!
Forget it!

A caveman sledge to get the beast home.   I guess there is more than 50 kg of wood and soil.

 A carton of Glenmorangie 0,7 l as a measure.   I thought a bottle of beer is not a good match for this kind of tree:)

Height: 120 cm.   Size of the box  75*65*30 cm.

The tree will leave me in next few hours and will be heading for his new home...

Unless I will change my mind?!

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