Prunus mahaleb_Bunjin-gi_yamadori

The tree has been collected in spring 2018 and the first selection of primary branches has been done this autumn.   I will leave the tree to grow freely for the next season or two - just building the primary branches.  Depending on its vigour I should change the container in 2021. Then the main focus will shift on the nebari or rather on its creation.  Currently there are no surface roots just a single tap root..
There are few option to fix that but no sence to plan it now.

Height: 60
Target height:   60 cm seems to be fine now but we will see

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Pre_shohin_Prunus mahaleb #11

Another small tree that has been collected in central Bohemia in 2016. 

I am so grateful for the lucky coincidence to find a place where the Nature has done most of the work...


Height: 18 cm
Width:   25 cm
Style: Informal upright with cascading branch  ( at least that's the plan for the time being )

Shohin, Prunus mahaleb, yamadori


Betula verrucosa_Hollow trunk_Neither dressed nor naked...😄

The top section still looks quite empty.  Not much growth this year.  Not sure what was the reason for that.  Was it because of the thick layer of moss I have left to grow there during the top season?  I guess I have relied too much on its water holding capacity and have not supplied  enough water.   
Obviously  an old age  in itself  doesn't provide adequate protection against stupid errors if you switch off your common sense ( not to say your brain ).

So this is for me: Birches do love water you damned stupid old man.

Height:  close to 90 cm
Pot: Plasthalla
In training: since 2009


Prunus mahaleb_Cascade_Sacrifice branch

Any time I am moving close enough to this tree I can here: POT, POT, POT
Loud and clear.
Can you hear that too?

The tree seems to be desperate to move into a proper pot.   In fact that was the plan for  this spring. But after more closer inspection of the roots I have decided to postpone the move  and to improve the root ball in the meantime.  So this is the reason for a sacrifice branch.  

Height: +40 cm
Pot: Plasthalla
Age: Collected in 2015

Prunus mahaleb, yamadori, dead wood, cascade

The open space in the foliage ( see below ) has not been left for birds to fly through.    Somewhere there is a pampered tiny branch that may fill the space one day...  I hope.


Malus purpurea_from shohin to kifu

I do not like the  before and after series when it comes to styling a tree.  That is a kind of a shortcut that is more about the person than about the tree.  On the other side  I am happy to accept that series of  pictures  mapping in detail a transition of  a starter pine into a piece of art ( such as we can see with Kimura, Suzuki etc. )  is a great studying material. But for me this is a quite different story. 
And what  about sharing pictures that map  a development of the tree in the course of years?  Well, I think it is a bit different  but still  maybe not fair  ( at least  from the perspective of the tree ).    Would you ask Bella Hadid to share  how she looked like at the age let say twelve?  Would you be even interested to see it?   

Please meet my Bella Hadid. 
I hope  it doesn't mind sharing the pics from its early times in a pot.

Height: 24 cm
Pot: Martin Ašenbrenner 

Oct 2019

Apple tree, bonsai, dead wood, uro

Summer 2016
Height: 20 cm

Oct 2013


Potentilla fruticosa_Shohin

 What is all this fuss about ?   An autumn?   Gosh. I do not care - I do love spring and my blossoms...

This little tree was bought a long time ago as a stick in the garden center with the idea to have a bonsai from it. One day.   After two or three years I have ground it and left it unnoticed for another good number of years.  Last year I have given it another closer look and decided that there is some potential for further development...

Potentilla fruticosa_cinquefoil
Height: 17 cm
Pot: Hugo Studeník

Spring 2019_first styling and rough structural carving.  

Cinquefoil, Potentilla, shohin, blossoms, dead wood


Harvest time? Prunus spinosa

Height: 17 cm
Pot: unknown

The size of the pot and the position of the tree is based on the current state of the roots.   I hope it has improved from last check and we will see next spring...

Prunus spinosa, yamadori, berries

Prunus mahaleb_Bunjin-gi_yamadori

The tree has been collected in spring 2018 and the first selection of primary branches has been done this autumn.   I will leave the tree t...