Prunus spinosa_Chimney

To find a blackthorn with a good potential in this country it does take time.  Or one must have been kissed by Fortuna.  Or to move to UK perhaps?

Well, I think I am somewhere  in the middle between the first two ones.   Spending hours on my knees and being lucky to find the right spots.



Current height: 48 cm ( end of trunk )

The initial plan was to build  some kind of literati.  Nevertheless right now we are on the way to something close to a common plum  Prunus domestica ssp domestica.     At least in terms of the outline of the crown but not that busy inside.  We will see...

Cornus mas_double trunk

Comparing pictures of this little cornelian cherry taken this winter with the ones from last year is like a direct slap in my face.  Well, t...