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Cornus mas_double trunk

Comparing pictures of this little cornelian cherry taken this winter with the ones from last year is like a direct slap in my face.  Well, there is a visible progress looking on the crown/branch structure of the smaller tree, I know. But my main target was to improve the transition between the old and new part of the main trunk.   In a hope to get there I have let the leader grow freely during the whole season.   Once I have cut it its length was well over one meter.   But the impact on the girth was hardly noticable.  Wondering what should I do differently this season... Maybe try to replace standard ferts with some kind of anabolics? OK, the plan is to cut the top section short and start with a new leader.    2017 Winter 2018  Winter

Prunus spinosa_Chimney

To find a blackthorn with a good potential in this country it does take time.  Or one must have been kissed by Fortuna.  Or to move to UK perhaps? Well, I think I am somewhere  in the middle between the first two ones.   Spending hours on my knees and being lucky to find the right spots. 2013  2018 Current height: 48 cm ( end of trunk ) The initial plan was to build  some kind of literati.  Nevertheless right now we are on the way to something close to a common plum  Prunus domestica ssp domestica.     At least in terms of the outline of the crown but not that busy inside.  We will see...

Enokitake_happy to learn something new

For years we have been searching the forest during the winter months to look for very special mushroom called penízovka in Czech.   It was only today when I searched wiki to find something more about it.    Wikipedia: Flammulina velutipes is a highly regarded mushroom especially in Japan where is called Enokitake or Enoki 榎茸, エノキダケ.