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Prunus mahaleb #9_From semi to full cascade

Last year I decided to move this semi cascade further on to the full one.   Still not there,  but at least the lowest branch has been extended a bit and now we will wait for next spring to change the planting angle.  Would be nice to have a new pot too, but frankly I doubt it.  I cannot see the one I have in mind around. In the meantime, I am trying to develop more side roots on the massive anchoring root  that goes across the rock.   Still not there. I guess this goes on my account as I cannot keep the place moist... Front And there is another thing that bothers me a bit.  And this is the 'strange' habit of  some species of the Prunus family.  They produce shoots just with berries with no leaves on them.  And unfortunately this results in the loss of the branch.   You can see that in the middle of the crown.  The branches with fruits will be lost by the autumn.  I need to find out how to deal with that.   Lets see some articles  about Mume.

Weird yew...

I am really a strange type of guy.   Most of bonsai folk would try to get a yew with as many twists and sections of deadwood as possible.  Just have a look around.   And my yew looks like a lamp post... Strange, isn't. Taxus baccata Height: 25 cm from the rim of the pot. I am somewhere at the beginning of building the right structure of branches with rosettes.  Not sure there is enough space in between layers to do something structured.  We will see... Many years ago I saw an  ancient gracious yew in the garden that belongs to the visually impaired  center where I was doing some community job.   I have not take any picture but the vision of it is deeply imprinted in my memory...

Prunus domestica_Common plum

There are not many common plums  in the world of bonsai.  Why is that?  Happy to learn. I was always thinking about getting one,  but could not find any decent Yamadori.  As my clock are ticking faster and faster I was quite desperately looking for something  reasonably good.   ( reasonable =  anything I am able to get a hold ).   Based on this approach two reasonable specimens have landed on my place this spring.   Too early to share though - lets wait for next spring.  There is nothing wrong being a little superstitious isn't it. In the meantime,  I am happy to share  two pics.  A wild form  designed by the Nature and a picture of a plum from a garden.  That one looks very different from the rest of the common plums I have ever seen.  But believe me it is a common plum... This is a typical shape of common plum  And this one is from a garden.  Frankly,  I do not believe the owner is taking too much care of it.  I guess the basic structure was made years ago and since th