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A root stand?

    I live in a place where you can find many abandoned orchards.  Sad.  The local producer was not able or willing to compete with the imported product and sold it to developers.  After all these locations are close to Prague so you can understand.  It was at the end of the 90 ties.  Since then - some of the land of orchards  was covered with blocks of flats ( crazy - this is supposed to be country land ) and many others are still there with overgrown trees.   Bad for the country, but something good for me.  I do there to get some nice tasting apples ( nothing to compare with the product engineered for the maximum profit ) and sometimes also to have some wood.   A few years ago I was able to collect there an interesting  V shaped trunk.    I have started to work on it at the end of the last year and the carving work has been  done in the early days of Jan.  Since then I am working on the finish. Some additional wood has been added to get the third leg.   The other two have been conver

Back to the shop_ A Stump stand

A few year ago I managed to collect this interesting stump.  Did my best to dry it out slowly to avoid cracks.  And luckily this was the case.   Well, it is so easy to say but apart from some experience you still need a sizeable piece of luck to achieve that.   And I should  also mention something else:  PATIENCE.  Quite a challenge for me.  At the time of the collection I have realised that this piece of wood has a great potential.  And as my heart beats for root stands my mind has immediately started to work on the image.  So you are ready to transfer your vision into the reality but hey! You still need to wait 2-3 years at least  to  have the wood ready for the transformation.  Pain. Finally,  at the end of the last December the all of us were ready to go.   I mean the stump, me and the straight grinder&burrs.    Taking the stump in my hands and looking at it ( my mind was still firmly on the root stand )  the better of me has realised that the piece of wood has a lot of charact