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Small trees in my backyard... Part five: Prunus spinosa_Smaller than small

Small trees in my backyard... Part five:  Prunus spinosa_Smaller than small Height: Around 10 cm Collected: Central Bohemia Age: + 20 years It is quite difficult to find a decent sloe in my region.  Most of them look pretty much like a stick to support tomatoes.  Only a few have reasonable thick trunk,  but no taper.  Finally,  a very few are worth of collection.  Lucky enough to find one after hours you have spent on your knees clearing your way through the prickly shrubs?   GREAT.  You have completed the easy part.  NOW you  face a challenge how to bring home not only the trunk, but also enough roots to keep the plant alive. BUT if you succeed,  then you are every single spring rewarded with a flood of delicate yellowish white blossoms that contrast with dark chocolate color of the branches and trunk.  After the pollination the  fruits appear.  Small hardly visible green balls that quickly gain volume and end up with frosted blue color that attracts not only the bonsai enthu