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The Drunkard

The Drunkard This is my first hawthorn.   The name which is not very poetic for bonsai comes from its twisted roots.   If I remember well the tree has grown in a crevice that has formed the basic shape of the roots.  The piece of stone at the base of the tree came only some time after the  collection.   The growing pot is a bit larger to allow the free growth of  roots that are encircling the stone from its front and back.  I hope that within the next one or two growing seasons to roots will be strong enough to present them as a surface roots that should create with the existing ones a stable root base. Front  view Back view Detail of my stupid attempt to speed up the ageing of the bark at the bottom section of the tree.  A few years ago I used a flat chisel to puncture the bark.  While the idea is maybe not completely wrong the execution was a disaster.  The cuts are too dense and the appearance of this part of the trunk is not realistic.   It will take yeeeears to get be

Prunus mahaleb_A bit of procrastination

Prunus mahaleb_A bit of procrastination I should have been working on the apple tree this weekend.   Well, as I have been  still contemplating the possible design of it from different angles for quite a bit of time  I have decided to stop it  for now and to work on another teaser.    The cock - that is the nickname of this tree in my file - is about 24 cm tall and nearly 40 wide.   If you look at it there are two nearly independent part.  The first one in the shape of twisted pig tail and the other  is stretched to the side trying to reach something in a far distance.   From the side, it looks like a cock to me.    Well, the tree is not THAT  bad.   I would rather say it is I who cannot grab its natural yamadori beauty and make the most of it. Nov 2014 Spring 2015 Summer 2015 After pruning  Front Option 1 Detail of the shari and jins The greyish part is the original designed by the Nature. The yellowish one is my attempt to reduce anothe