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Prunus mahaleb_Shohin/Kifu_blossoms

Crazy world.  It is a summer.  Time to enjoy your holidays and relax.  Reality?  In many places it is just a moment to see your properties and belongings are taken by storm or water.   And this is not even the worst.    Many people were fighting just to safe their bare life.  And many of them have lost.    Terrible... Water and Wind.  Good servants but bad masters.   But is it really just the Nature to be blamed for it?   What is the role of the mankind?  Nobody knows for sure.  But the mankind has been doing a lot of bad things for the sake of Earning and Consumption.   Regadless if we paint these words  into more fancy colours such as amusement, dreams fulfilment, better life or something like this. It is just a shame that all the time we follow the same scenario: Running Problem! Stop running and start thinking ???  Is it no GO?   Never mind. Keep running. .... Gosh. That's it.   So here it is the promised tree Prunus mahaleb Height: 10 cm Width: 28 cm which makes it a kifu size

Pyracantha coccinea_Shohin. Pasture for a flock of green rose chafers.

 Defoliated in early March and since then protected against frost.  The picture below has been taken on 16th April  This one is from 1st June.   You can see the other Pyracantha on the right only with buds.

Welcome a new dweller at our place...

   Busy spring day.   Late afternoon.   Buuzzzzz.  Head up and looking around. What was that?  Nothing can be seen.  Strange.  Sounds like a large bumblebee.   And again Buzzzzz.    Now I had a chance to spot a dark colored Something that zoomed around my head.   Sized like a large bumblebee, sounded like a bumblebee BUT what about the color?   A bumblebee from Chernobyl?  Or a creature from an eastern laboratory?   Gosh, need to find out.  Right,  let's  try to get a picture of  it first.    Easy to say.    A number of photos that could be labeled  like: - the exact place where the creature was a blick ago or - the place where the creature will be seen in a split of a second   Later on I have managed  to get some reasonably good pictures with nicely sharp backgrounds but blurry image of the creature.  And finally - patience brings roses - few shots with the creature.  Gotcha!   With the pictures and help of the aunt Wiki it was quite easy to find out what it is:  WIKIPEDIA: Xyloco