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Berberis vulgaris_Barberry

The pads would need to get a bit more rounded.  Another year?  Two? Nevertheless, another tree that would appretiate a bit smarter container.      

A firewood with a live vein...

I should not admit this publicly perhaps, but I do tend to fall in love far too often.   The scenario seems to be quite repetitive:   Me on my knees,  desirous eyes and trembling dirty fingers.  Desperately waiting for the "YES!"  And as it is often the case the love outburst may fade away within a few weeks. But sometimes it may last forever...   In which category this one stays?   How the hell should I know? Prunus mahaleb Collected: 2019  Central Bohemia Dimension:  Do not get misleaded by the size of the overgrown leaves.   The tenjin is at 55 cm. Love may take many different shapes.  

Larch_Yamadori 2020

Despite all the claims about overcrowded shelves I could not resist to take home with me this beautiful larch.   Well, I know it is not very typical tree but that is true for most of my other trees anyway... Bunjin-gi.  And kind of a special one.  A tree that has been trying to reach as far as possible to get more light from the sun.  Sunrays finder. And very old one. With very natural movement of the trunk ( the side view ). Just have a look. Current lenght: sligtly over 100 cm