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An Elm yamadori. Species? No idea. Perhaps U. minor?

An Elm yamadori.   Species?  No idea.  Perhaps U. minor? I have not collected  many trees in the 2015 due to the lack of available space in the back yard.   This elm was the biggest from the lot. The tree has grown in the pocket of soil on the rocky hillside of the river Vltava.   First spot in 2012.  Then few years of hesitation: take it or leave it?  I did like the bottom part of the tree but at the same time I was not very fond of the top section.  But at the end my natural greed has taken the upper hand (AGAIN! ) and as from the last year the tree is sitting in a pot. As the elm has responded well to the transfer ( well it is an elm so not a big surprise ) I have decided to jump in the bonsai training a bit earlier then I would normally do.  So in spring 2016  the basic structure of branches has been selected and  wired.   Based on the set up of branches the final height of the tree should be around 80-90 cm.  Will see... Size of the squared box 43 cm to give you a feeli