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Crataegus monogyna_Spriral

I guess that with this yamadori the mother Nature has been inspired by some of the trees made in mass production nurseries.   Well, to be fair, one can still  differentiate the part made by the mother Nature and  me.    Clearly, I have not spent too much time to elaborate what to do with it.   We will see how much time it would take to heal the wound on the trunk and to produce matured bark in the "new" top section.   Just that and I will be more than happy with it.  The lower part has very nicely formed alligator skin partially covered by silver lichen.  The tree as it is: It has survived my problematic horticulture last year ( the problem with overdone MTB cycling ).  This spring I have added few layers of sphagnum moss on the front section of the pot - crossing my fingers in a hope  I can get some new roots there.   Opened the crown to the light to promote backbudding.  Fingers crossed here too.   Backbudding is just starting.  And new roots?  - will see later in Sep

Prunus mahaleb_Cascade

Three years ago I ordered from Martin Asenbrenner a vessel for this cascade.  The year after the container was ready.  I did like the shape and colour but I thought that it is slightly oversized.   Martin was kind enough to take it back and above all he promised to deliver another one next year.  This time the size of the container was OK but I had a feeling that it doesn't express the emotion I have in my mind.  So here we are in 2020 still using the old plastic vessel. The tree has been thinned few days before  the day the pics were taken.   The crown looks a bit empty as some of the strong shoots were cut off to get more light to the inner weaker shoots that are better positioned - I think.   All that makes the ten-jin too dominant ( I wonder it the description ten-jin is correct while it is in fact in the lowest position of the cascading trunk ?  ).   The idea is to cover the straight part as much as possible while leaving the last third of it shining below the green foliage.

Prunus mahaleb_Fat belly

Strange... Each year I am buying some new pots.  But when it comes to repoting all too often I cannot find any good one for the tree I am working on... Height:   35 cm Width: 33 cm Collected:   Spring 2012