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One day in the life of a bonsai freak...

Waking up with the first thought about the items on the to do list you have prepared  in your bed just before you went to sleep. Quick "inspection" of the new items in the garden to see how they are doing.   Any new development?  New leaves?  Buds?  Great! The tiny leaves are not doing well?  What should I do? Hope and Despair are the two part of the coin.... Repoting .  After the completion of the 10th tree I feel like a robot.  I do hate monotonous work. Health control.  With such density of plant on a spot you have to be very careful Watering.    The weather is far too nice for an April.   Today I have chased off the wild ducks and occupied the pond for a few moments instead. The water  was close to 17°C.  And not to forget the main part. WATCHING.   Rhodohypoxis  Euonymus.  Full of flower buds... Magnolia Beauty and the Beast.  In the main role:  Blossoms of A. campestre and  unknown Ants Mahaleb Where is the front?

Prunus mahaleb # 9. Head up? Head down?

Life is about a change.   And that is a constant. And this is very true in case of this little tree.  After a detailed examination of it and with a respect to natural movement of its trunk and the development of its nebari I have decided that this is it.  So after a period of a slanting tree (  2017  )  I have returned back to a semicascade  ( 2015  ).   Now I need to get a properly shaped pot.  Something between a scoop and a traditional round one.  Less dramatic side.    More "dramatic" one.  Dead wood, rock and roots over it ( now well covered under the layers of moss ) I will never tire of this...

Not very traditional bonsai. At least in this region. Magnolia.

Crazy. Would you believe there are guys who are taking care of similar plants to enjoy their beauty that lasts just few days? Just another few branches, improved surface roots ( I guess an airlayer should fix it ) and more fancy pot. The shape of this one is OK. Just different color.

B.B.B. Box. Blossoms. Beauty.

Or, perhaps? Back pain from the heavy loads of water. Busy for most of the growth season with scissors and wires. Bloodthirsty any time I spot a blackbird tearing off the well pampered moss from the pot. WHY I do sustain all this? That's why...

Sex in the pond

Some time ago I wrote about visitors to our pond - a pair of wild ducks.     Our koi liked them quite a lot.  Apparently fascinated by the ducks red legs they chased them around the pod.   And the ducks behaved  nicely.  Very different from this year visit.   Just have a look what has happened this time... Such a nice place. Lets have .. a sex here Yuppee The drake ready to take a nap.  Tired.