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Birch # 000001

" ...Not worth the effort...." "A great species for bonsai" Simple statements.  Different weight though if said by a bonsai novice or by someone who has thousands of  admirers /followers.      Birch is  easy to grow.  Give it what it needs for happy life and it will reward you.   Fail with the basic horticulture and the tree will give you a clear feedback.  Withering up of some branches that the tree consider as not important.  Thats it.   Your choice Two of my birches have lost some branches this year.  Something that happened for the first time with these trees.    A random visitor of my place said: Yeahh, thats always a problem with birches " .   NO.  That is NOT a problem with the species as such. It was my problem with not adequate watering in the season before.  Too much of other activities and not enough care of my trees.  Why should I blame the tree for my faults?