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Cornus mass_Double trunk_Autumn 2017

Dremel wood burner Expectation high - result well below my expectations.   The wood exposed to the high temperature flame has just got black without any visible cracking.  Blind alleys are indispensable part of learning.  If only there are not that many with this little friend... Dremel rotary tool back in action Luckily, as a back up  I have ordered  new carbide carving burrs - 0,8 mm in diameter.   Spent some time in clouds of dust and smoke  and there are the results.    Not entirely happy with it, but enough is enough.  I need to stand back for a while. And I guess this little guy feels pretty much the same. Target height:  50 cm  =  +/-10 cm above the top of the jin Before. After.  Sept 2017 Dead wood_Front Dead wood_Left side Top jin Left Back Right

Cornus mass_Double trunk_Summer 2017 ( Part 2 from 3 )

In the course of the  summer as my heart and nearly broken sole have recovered from the blow - see the previous post -  I have started to circle around the tree closer and closer.  Finally,  it has landed on my workbench again  and we have started the second round. At the ring bell I have focused my effort on the upper dead branch.   A place where I felt a soft spot on the tree.  And yes, I do belive I have managed to remove a good amount of wood.  Now I think there is a good movement and taper. At least if you look at it under the condition of a deteriorated visibility and perhaps you are in a reasonable distance of more than 10 metres from it.   Unfortunately,  if you get any closer you will be able to see the naked truth - NO GO again. Autumn 2017 Determination.  Persistence. Innovation.   All these characteristics helped our predecessors to get down from the trees and to conquer savannahs.  With this in my mind, I have decided to continue with this proje

Cornus mass_Double trunk_Spring 2017

In the early spring I have decided to move a little bit further with the work on the dead wood of the cornelian cherry_double trunk. The existing deadwood looks really great.  I wonder if I could get any closer to the Nature with my hands.... And the quality of the bark makes a nice match with it... Initial work completed in spring 2016 Target: a) convert the top dead branch in a lookable jin              b) remove the visual weight of the dead wood in the middle section of the trunk Before sharing the pic of the results of the first GO I should say that the wood of this species is much harder than I thought...Bad luck.  The result looks bad.  Well, not just bad,  but B A D.   Definitely needs better tools than just chisels. Clear KO in the first round.  So it is  1 :  0 for the Cc. At least on the first sight but in fact it is a clear loss for both of us... btw Back in 2016 I have planned to get rid of this cc.  Well , I am going to keep it. In

Birch_On the track. I think. Hope?

Another tree that makes me happy this year.   Good development and promise for years to come. Maintenance 2017: A summer reduction from 60 cm to remove  the top section of the trunk with no taper. Defoliation on 10th August.  Fully leafed by the end of August.  I am curious  to compare with the other birches I have to see if there is any impact of a bit late defoliation on the timing of the leaves drop or they colour. Current height: 45 cm Target height:   55-60 cm Nevertheless... This tree will never make a typical lowland birch silhuette.  The trunk is a bit more stout than it should be and the structure of branches looks again hmm well different to put it that way.   You may find similar outline on slopes fully exposed to the south with restricted water availibility though... The way we were in 2009 More details about this tree in  here

Ji ita

The older you get it is more easy to loose your balance or to stumble over something...   As I am quite clumsy I do stumble quite often.  Sometimes it is a tree with a good potential to become a bonsai or a nice piece of wood... This is the result of one of my stumbling over a piece of root: hand made jiita... Plates cut with the foxtail saw The texture of these plates is excellent   38 x 15 cm Drying.  I have found that old newspapers are quite handy for this process. Rough removal of the bark with steel brush  Manual cleaning with a steel pricker What's next?   Drying, drying and drying. be continued.

We are still done but I could not resist...

The Magic Light Main characters in alphabetical order: Late summer sunset Water drops Very special guests: Rainbow # 1 Rainbow # 2 The wind has brought few clouds and little bit of rain.  Nothing special.   But for a very short moment there was a very special light that is a DREAM for any photographer.  I was a bit late but still managed to get this one...