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Pyrus pyraster_Solvay and Prunus mahaleb_The Fat Belly

Fest ival of co lou rs Main characters:  Pyrus pyraster Not as dark/vivid color as it could be but still reasonable good performance of this lady.       Prunus mahaleb   Outstanding performance this season.   For me this is the best performance I have EVER seen from a mahaleb.     Wondering why is that?  The weather this year was not very different from the ones before. Well, yes this year summer and autumn were quite dry and because of my heavy workload I have spent much less time pampering my trees.   Made THIS really the difference?     I did not have any other pot available. There is a plastic mesh  in the middle of the pot to keep the rootball reasonably small.    

Birch # 000002

Black wiper It was the dark lower section of the trunk that gave this tree its name. Lovely tree, in my eyes at least.    I know.  The thick elbow like branch in the middle is an eyesore. Even more it is just  a piece of a dead wood.  Dead wood on a birch? Are you serious?    And what about the transition between the old and new parts?  Yeah, it doesn´t look very nice rigth now.    BUT If you look on this lady from a reasonable distance, its getting dark and your eyes are not so sharp as they used to be ....    I guess you know  how this goes on...   I have heard this from one of our best actor Mr Jan Werich and I hope he would not mind if  I use it now and then.   Funny,  he crossed the river long time ago but he still there in our minds.  At least when it comes to my generation.   Autumn 2020 Summer 2020   Colour festival in November 2021 Who said: " Not worth the effort" ?