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Air layer_Prunus mahaleb

 Yamadori collected in 2019.   Air layered at the end of May 2020.  This time I have used only pure zeolite small fraction 3-5 mm.   First check in mid of July.  I would say this was much earlier than I normally do but I was a bit concerned about the substrate used.  Does it hold enough water based on my watering schedule?   The answer was: probably not.  So I have added chopped sphagnum moss & little bit of compost.  Another check at the beginning of Sept.  Much better results.  But I have waited with the separation till yesterday.     It looks much more like a Nessie than a smaller  sized  semi/cascade.  Let's see where we can get in 5 years time.  Stupid me.    I am all the time complaining about the fact there are far too many trees for me to manage properly.  Still,  I cannot leave out any opportunity to take home any tree that has a reasonable potential. And in fact,  even a tree with a questionable potential when it comes to cascade...