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Wars of the blossoms

 Cold.    This is the first thing that would cross my mind talking about this Spring.   It means  some extra portion of physical activity in the evening and then in the next morning to move some trees into and out of the shelter.  But thats OK.  Physical activity is good for our health so no reason to complain.  And to look on it even from a brighter side - the cold spell has extended the Hanami - flower viewing quite significantly.   Flowering quice Blackthorn

Prunus spinosa_Kifu

Kifu sized blackthorns_26 cm.       

Chaenomeles speciosa/Japonica v. Cido _Japanese quince

 A single trunk  specimen with a raised root that is fused with the main trunk well above the current soil level.   That  indicates that originally  most of the current trunk has been burried under the soil.   The tree is well over 30 years old - it has been planted as a 2-3 years seedling at the side of the D4 highway in central Bohemia.   Lot of refinement ahead but that is a joy with all these blossoms seasoning the journey in late winter/early spring.