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   In the early December I have started to work on a reasonably sized burl - suvel.  Within a couple of hours I have managed to cut  three slices planned to be transformed for ji-itas.  Manually  with a foxtail saw.     There is an old saying that one gets nicely warm three times making a firewood.  First time during the harvest in the forest.  Second time cutting it into smaller pieces and finally at home in the stove.   I can confirm that the first two are correct.  As for the third - I was afraid that the slices may end up as a firewood but luckily that was not the case.  And apart from these three slices I have managed to transform the last part of the burl into something like a bowl.      After cutting I  have left the slices to dry out a little and then in mid of Jan they received the first soak of synthetic resin.   Today is the 30th Jan and I have decided to see how they look and to make some pictures.    Suvel types of burl are quite different from the so called burl caps

Shohin root stand with a touch of Nature_Made from a maple burl

A wood burl is really something very special.   Maybe a bit strange or even ugly from the outside, but the inner wood tells a completely different story.   You need to see it.  Doesn't make any sense to try describing it in words. I will post something about this wood later on before I drop off  for some time.  Right now I will share a root stand I have made recently from a small burl. Dimension: 16,5 x 5,2 cm   /  6,3 x 2"

January the 3rd remember that day...

... different reasons for Leeds United fans and for US & Iraq though.   And I hope there will be no reason to remember this day by the rest of us.   And if so, it will be just because of little treats like the one I have enjoyed  today. Despite the last few nights at minus 7°C  one of my pre-shohin mahaleb is still full with leaves.  No signs of drop off. Gentiana clusii ... Flowering quince still in bloom... Ume_Beni-chidori A young stick grafted on Prunus cerasifera.