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Flowering quince. Again...

It might be a bit boring to share all the time the same tree...  If you think that it's a nuisance then skip the next post as there is another one just getting ready for the show...

Shohin stand_First try

I admire the stands made by Jerry Braswell and Al Kepler.  First it was just an incidental click on interesting web but gradually it has developed into focused search and follow up.  I consider wood as the best material to deal with so it was just a matter of time to get to the point when I have decided  to build few tables - just to see if I can do something to please my soul.   This is the very first one.  Not very complicated design but nice to test some new methods. Wood: Dark stained Beech. Very common timber but this one has very nice flames.  Top coat: Tung oil with some resin.  I was a bit nervous using a dye but it came out quite nice.   ( Thanks to Bob Flexner and his great book: Understanding ..... )                                Dimensions: 21  x  16 x 5 cm 8,3'' x 6,3" x 2"