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New bench in making_part 2_Nearly finished

Slats  ( Larch ) 35 x 25 x 400 Why to go for slats perpendicular to the axes of the rail board if they take much more time to process? I believe it allows better circulation of air.  So it should be better for the trees.   And if this  " better circulation " is true, then my humidity trays should provide even better environment for my trees ( I will cover this a bit later ). Rails  ( Spruce ) I have opted for a 140 x 25 mm profile.  Solid and good bending resistance.  A torsion could be a problem with such thin elements,  but I am not too much concerned about that as the distance between the poles is just 2000 mm. Wood protection Osmo stain.  Please note the additional protection of the face of the poles.  A piece of a rubber foil. Joints Simple butt joints have been used.  Stainless screws 4,5 x 60 mm Additional reinforcement  on the poles  to support the wooden rails Nearly finished.  Still need to make c. 20 additio

New bench in making...

I do spent more and more time thinking how should I reduce the number of my trees.   I do realise I have too many of them.  How do I know?  Easy.  The joy of keeping  trees is gradually but steadily evaporating and changing into a chore...I hate to end up with neglected trees full of quick wood. To start with I have decided to occupy more space on our balcony.  Sounds strange, isn't.  Reduction x More space for trees?  Never mind.  I will get there one day. For sure.  I hope. A solid rack to start with.   Mortise and tenom.  No iron to hold it together. Just dowels. Now working on the top frame.  Slats and Rails.  


Pyracantha blossoms nearly in full bloom...

Celtis occidentalis

I must have lost last few remains of my  active brain cells.... This is a first shot of  the planned time lapse series.  The ramification is a bit weak  at the moment and the nebari doesn't look good either.   But it is just a matter of time to get there. Anyway, plannig the first pruning in next few days  to remove the taproots at least on some of the seedlings to see how it develops.   I have tested this method of flat root development  successfully on Cydonia oblonga and it works well there.

Pyracantha shohin_Starter

This small Pyracantha a. is part of my Mr. Jekyll shohin collection.  OK, I know.  Shohin_starters is the correct word to be used here.    Height: 15 cm I wonder what kind of mess is hidden by the merciful canopy of leaves?       I am at doubt. What is more attractive? Tiny, gentle buds just before they open or the decorative beauty of fully opened blossoms covered by the early morning dew?  Appreciated with a sip of Tullamore dew perhaps? A note from Mr. Hyde:   Forget about shohin.     Just wait to see my new four handed monster trunk mahaleb from this spring collection... Luckily both of the guys is united when it comes to the weather: Bugger. No rain for more than 36 days now.