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Prunus mahaleb_#10

I have sat with a great local potter and bonsai artist Martin AĊĦenbrenner in front of this tree last September trying to find a best suitable pot to get this little tree  to another level.   Finally,  we have agreed on the size and possible colour of the ceramic glaze.  +/- to be fair.  Martin has a wood fired kiln so the outcome of the colour is something that you cannot planned 100%.    Unfortunately the pot was  supposed to finished only in May so I have decided to move the tree to some of my pot I have on hands.  Not a good fit in terms of sizes but still better than the plastic one. Summer 2017 As discussed in one of the previous posts  related to this tree the outline of the crown is missing important part in the right hand top quarter.  So to tackle this flaw was the main plan for 2018... Summer 2018 Right, so this is how it looks in the middle of the summer.   The empty space has been filled - now we need to get there more quality.   But that applies to the

Japanese barberry_A bush styled into a kind of informal traditional pre-bonsai

Some of my trees are styled into something that is at least in my mind close to a classical bonsai shape.   It makes life easier in terms of its design and  it takes less time to maintain its shape.  And what is even more important for me - the inner branches get a fair portion of a daily sunlight without the necessity of leaf pruning. Winter 2017 Summer 2018 Pruning and wiring.   As a matter of practice,  I have taken a few pics after the initial styling just to make sure that my eyes are not cheating me.  This time I have a feeling that the top section of the tree is too heavy... Well,  apart from a fact that I need to get it more rounded and I would need to pull one of the branches on the right slightly down..  After a small correction of the top, cutting of few leaves here and there... Front Back (before the correction of the top)