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Pyrus communis ( Common pear )

Current height:  60 cm Collected: Spring 2014 This Pear has grown in the tiny  stone pit used in the past by locals to get some material for their houses.   The pit was abandoned while ago and now the nature is slowly taking it back. The hawthorns, wild roses, locust trees are the dominant species that are again invading the space with enormous vigour. I came to this area during my search for the blackthorns that grow on the adjacent slopes.   I was initially attracted by the hawthorns and only accidently spotted a tree that grew in the pocket in the otherwise upright stone wall.  Many years ago a small seed of a pear landed in the crack of weathered rock.  Anchored the first tiny roots and begun the life of struggle with hard rock, scarce water and nutrient supply.   The nature elements - water, frost, sun and wind - have combined their forces to erode the place more and more.   On one side it was beneficial to the tree on the other side though it has gradually endangered its e

Common Pear _ a root runner_2015

I have postponed repotting of this pear till next year to allow development of the roots and the branch structure.    The slow development of the roots is a real challenge here.   I hope that with more foliage the tree may develop some new roots.    I will also try to get some small plants that could be grafted to the tree if necessary. This summer  I plan to enlarge the natural cavity  in the trunk.