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Yamadori_Prunus mahaleb_How old is this tree?

 It is quite common to ask this question.   Supported by many professionals who sell trees and instead of providing details of origin, variety  and substrate used they try to impress the potential buyer with AGE of the tree.   Just comparing the size of the tree and its presented age, I do have a strong feeling that there is obvious clash.   If these guys are just like me each of them would add some years once the tree moves from their hand.  So at the end the tree that  in my oppinion is about 3-4 years old is claimed to be 8-10 years in propagation.    Unfortunately,  this AGEING is typical not only for the bonsai retailers.   A great bonsai amateur Mr. Pall is a good example of  that.  Well,  I believe  that he IS in fact a well established bonsai retailer with great marketing skills, but because he always disclaimed that  he must be an amateur then. What really strikes me was the Mr Ryan Neil's pages with promo sales of some of his trees.  RMJ,  185 years old...  Frankly,  I ca

Pyrus pyraster_Shohin_pre bonsai

 European wild pear is one of my favorite tree.   Aged bark, wild appearance, blossoms, tiny fruit and beautiful autumn colours make of it a great candidate for  Four Season Bonsai.   Collected in cental Bohemia in 2017, air layered in 2019.  Current height:  22 cm - the top shoot included, target  18-19 cm Width:  24 cm  Front Left side   Alligator skin nicely developed.  Nebari - nothing to see there (YET ), but it is on the way - just look closer. Another five years and it might be there...:)  After the late summer inspection. Wiring, adding new load of Biogold and then back under the plastic cover to keep moss in place.  The moss will be removed in late autumn just before the winter rest to have better control of soil moisture.

New project_Prunus mahaleb_Shohin_Semi/full cascade

 In the last two - three years I have started a good number of new projects with some plants I have never dreamed having them in my collection.  Frankly, I am quite sure that a good number of them will turn into something that could be described in Czech language like a osina v prdeli.   The English equivalent " pain in the ass" seems to be quite close to the Czech expression but it is much less colourful.  The translation of OSINA = AWN. An awn in the ass??? Anyway. Just check with me some of the projects: Prunus mume grafted on a Prunus cerasifera understock.  Well, if you are the real bonsai aficionados YOU simply MUST have this plant.  Really?   One month of eager expectations watching every single morning the development of flower buds, 2-3 weeks of ACHHH to admire the beauty of blossoms and... THAT  is for the rest of the year - apart from the quite tricky horticulture and desired expectation of next blossoming period.  Not to mention the frost prevention excercices..