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Big footed larch_initial styling

I feel very happy that I have decided to collect this little fella in the end.  It certainly doesn't look as a tree with great potential in 2D, but my eyes see something different.  The future will see who is right. But even now one can appreciate the first sign of maturity of the bark and what is even more important - short internodes.   Not to mention the vigour of the tree.   Styling As the trunk is slightly S shaped ( from the top ) I have decided to follow this flow also on the canopy - it will be much longer on the right side. This is my preferred "front"  +/-   Well, at the moment.   The other side.  Short internodes.   I hope it is not just result of the heavy bending ...  Initial signs of maturity of the bark.  Flaky-I guess this is the right word to describe the character of the well aged bark on larches or spruces.    A bark that should force you to hold your breath.  Either because you are so impressed or just affraid you might destroy it

Prunus spinosa_shohin

Strange.   We are getting closer to the summer solstice, but since the end of May beginning of June I have had a feeling that the days are getting shorter and shorter.  After the hectic repotting season I thought there will be a reasonable  period of  relative calm ( well, sort of ) but the very dry weather has forced me to spend much more time with the watering can than expected.   Anyway.  Today, as the sky has been overcast for the whole day - hard to believe - I have revisited this little Prunus with my shears.  Hardy noticeable partical defoliation.  Looking at the pics I guess I should take another round there... And calibrate the white on my camera. Height 15 cm ca

Big footed larch_bending thick trunk

I have spotted this little larch back in 2008 or so.   And our relations have evolved from " this is it" to  " well,  maybe later" and finally to "OK, lets go" in spring 2015. Why all this hesitation? First, I was not sure if I like the bulb shaped base of the tree.  And frankly, I do have doubts even now... Second - the major part of the trunk has been just like a straight beam.  No taper, no movement. Spring 2017. Time to work on the straight trunk.   My favourite (Double C)n  method =  multiple Cut and Close method.  Before After I have planned a bit more acute angle, but the tree was not very happy about it.  At a certain moment I have heard a cracking noise and after an inspection I have discovered quite nasty looking crack just above the cut.  So I have stopped it.  Hoping it was not too late... Spring 2018 The larch has recovered  and produced a good number of new shoots. The crack covered nicely by callus .