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Colors of the Autumn

 Some of my trees seem to be a bit unpatient. During last weeks of the Summer they were eagearly looking for the first changes of the weather and now they are getting ready to change  a bit obsolete green colour of their leaves into the more bright and fancier autumn festivity colours... This little Pyrus pyraster is really the fastest one.  I know that some people claim  that this is a sign of a weak tree. Well, I do believe that this could be the case but on the other hand some trees are simply quicker than the others...  And apart from the individual differencies I know that I can delay the senescence by defoliation done a bit later in the Summer.   Anyway, I do believe this tree is quite healthy.     Pyrus pyraster Height:   38 cm  Pot: China Origin: Airlayered yamadori collected in central Bohemia  Still long way to go to get a more decent nebari...                                         Not to forget.  I have spotted a new dweller in the garten at the end August for the first ti