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...Dammed! Where are the bees?!!!

Winter?   There was no winter.  Just mild late autumn weather. Spring?   There is no spring.  Just more or less standard late winter  frosty nights ( up to -7°C,  22°F ) with reasonably spring temperatures during some other nights .  Up and down on the roller coaster. Confused.  Forecast?   Pretty much the same till the mid of April.  And then ?  Spring?  Who knows... The blackthorns and the myrobalan plums seemingly believe that everything is OK.   It is their showtime and nothing can divert them from what they are at their best.    Blossoming.

Prunus spinosa_Midway_blossoms. And few pics from the latest visit to Czech Kars Protected Landscape.

The blossoms have just opened.  Snow white colour at the beggining, but later on they will gradually get a tint of very light yellow.  Just a few hours before the quarantine, we have managed to visit  our favorite place_Czech Kars to see the beauty of blossoms of Cornus in their natural habitat. Remains of the human activity.  There used to be a limestone quarry... A black locust A lot of dead spruces there.   Unfortunately - this is a very common picture across Czech and many places in Europe.

Shohin in blossoms.

The potted life of this tree has started at the time I have realised there is reasonable thick trunk/root? under the soil level.  An air layer has helped me to remove the long uninteresting part and here we go...