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Prunus mahaleb_small&chubby

I have collected this little tree in early spring 2018.   Transplanting newly collected trees in less than a year is not the best possible practice but that's me.   Besides this repoting is in line with my resolution to provide my trees with better living conditions.  One of the things I am planning to change this year is to replace most of the growing plastic/ceramic pots with wooden boxes.   Main drivers?  Better heat resistance, more stable conditions for roots and all the hard working creatures living in the soil there.  And for me - I can use guy wires without the need to drill holes into the pots.   And having more freedom with the positioning of guy wires in comparison with the other method = using the drainage/fixing holes. What are the next plans? - building some sort of sunscreens to protect selected trees - using more rain water - incresing the humidity in some places around the yard and balcony - ??? any other thoughts more than welcomed So here we go. Punus m

Knock, knock, knock...

15th February and the column in the thermometer outside is doing its best to attack + 20ish  °C( on the sun).    Hard to believe there was more then 30 cm of new snow last Sunday...  Just have a look on this small mahaleb still with leaves.  I guess it has lost its deciduous set of genes... C'mon kid, this is zone 7 if you did not notice... Due to the quite warm spell the snow has disappeared by now and one may feel like taking ones trees from their winter shelter and let them enjoy the sun as much as one do.  The temptations are quite urging but we know the weather can change and we could have more hoarfrost in the March so I need to cool down a bit. As the weather forecast looks quite good I plant to make few Yamadori trips... And just for today I will share with you the pots I have collected this winter.  One of them made by Martin Asenbrenner and the rest by  Hugo Studeník.