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B. sempervirens_boxwood_box_krušpánek_zimostráz_??? Whatever name you like,  it is all about the same hardy plant. Hardy?  For sure the bush is quite resistant to the attacks of many pests but as we know a keen non well seasoned greenfinger or a delicate moth could do a lot of damage to it. Just have a look how this tree has looked like in spring 2018:  And now in winter  ( 30.12.2019 ) It looks a bit less regimented perhaps.  But if you look closer you will see a lot of dead branchlets all around the crown. See the pic below... At the first thought about the reason I was quick to blame the vigorous blossoming in the previous year.  And based on that I have tried to strip as many new buds as possible.   Quite a job.  You need a good amount of time to deal with that.  The good point of it - it gave me a lot of time to think. And maybe having a bit deeper and more honest look on the possible root causes.  In spring 2019 I have set a target to make 3,

Prunus spinosa_Curling_Trimmed

Height: 27 cm from the rim of the pot Pot:  Training I really like this small tree.  The mirrored movement of the top section looks quite special.   Two headed dragon?  Dancing snakes?  Black - white?   Good - Evil?   Yin - yang?   Pretty much in line with the  role that blackthorn played in our history - see the previous post. I hope that now after all that time with one step forward and two steps back I have found a direction to follow.   Well, nearly.  Still must decide how to proceed with the low branch on the right and  select more appropriate pot.  The rest is "just"  a horticulture.     The green mass on the top of soil = a shredded moss to promote growth of surface roots.  Fingers crossed.

Prunus spinosa_Fred Hageneder: The Living Wisdom of Trees

I have come across some  extracts from this book.   Interesting reading.  Need to get a copy.   Well, life is not just black or white. And it is the same with a sloe.   It is a pity that we have lost  much of our ancient wisdom about the healing power of local natural products.    On the other side we have managed to keep the recipe how to make a sloe gin or as it is more common in my region the wine made from sloe.   Apparently  shamanism/druidry/ witchcraft  were  percieved by the rulers ( black or red ) as bad while alcoholism was acceptable... I would love to have a small bonsai table made from this wood.    Height: 40 cm Width: 30 cm Trunk diameter: 7 cm Style: Slanting tree