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Prunus spinosa_The Midway. Spring. Spring. Spring. Well, at least looking at the calendar...

We need more chocolate, courage and ramification.  The ranking of the first two items is not that much important. A good chocolate is always good.  It helps to be patient. Courage is a must at the time of important decisions: Cut or leave? Ramification is the result of your courage and patience. Obviously, it will take a lot of chocolate to get there with this blackthorn.   As you may see the thread grafted branch is still fully connected to the feeder.   I believe the connection is ready for the separation nevertheless there is no hurry to do it.  Maybe later this  summer or maybe next spring... See below.   Branch dressed up with blossoms. The colour of freshly developed blossoms is brilliant white.  As the time goes, it will get a yellowish tint

European hornbeam # 3245

Just kidding.  Showing lack of respect for a famous bonsai amateur.   A shame on my old bald head... The true fact is that looking at the weather fcast for this week I have made a quick conclusion: "The spring is just behind the corner - lets start with the first items from  my project list for this season.  Banzai." Root pruning Trying to reduce the size of a root ball with the main focus on reduction of the taproot and other main nowadays useless structural roots to get more space for hard working fine roots... Projects for this year 1.  Still need to work on a better transition between the "old and new" section.  I think I will let the current leader to have another full season of an unrestricted growth.  Once I am happy with the transition I will replace the current leader with the small side branch ( labeled NEW LEADER ) 2. Need to produce some additional branches on the  left and back side of the tree.   The first thread grafted branch


Malus evereste_Thread grafting A failure of an approach graft from last year = a chance to make it better this time but with a thread graft.  Or better to say an improved method of it.  Tubing. I do like this method more and more.  Less stressful for swelled buds. Not to mention me... The branch inserted into the tube Threaded Please note the position of buds.  Better for healing and good for the lenght of the internodes.   The first bud could be a start of a new branch if necessary The tree has been kept outside till the end of Jan.  Surprisingly nice and mild month with lowest temp just minus 2-3°C.   With the arrival of frost in Feb it has been moved to the frost free storage.  Now its a start of March and it seems that the daily temps will go nicely above freezing point.  So, I guess  the tree will be on the move.   Out for days and In for cold nights.