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Stupid or Greedy?   Well, why not both...

For a good number of years I am planning to reduce the number of my trees.   And yes, some of them have gone, just to be fair with me.   Few of them left for free to my brothers in arms - bonsai enthusiasts and some of them via the European bonsai auction to bargain hunters. Sounds good, doesn't it?

But at the same time I have started few projects ( seedlings cutting_Pinus nigra, Taxus cuspidata and Pinus parviflora_Zuisho cuttings, bought some interesting varieties of satsuki...   So at the end there is more leaves/needles than before.  

And  NOT enough of that - I was about to give away a little mahaleb that was a honorable member of the Downsize club.  On the D day I have taken it from the shelf with the plan to let it go to some new place with more attentive hands.    I know this is the moment I should close my eyes and to armour my heart...  What do you think?   Neither of that was the case.   I have started to look on the tree from different directions playing with the angles and... this is the result after three months. 

So, here I am with another starter_a shohin mahaleb on the start of its new path.  Welcome and good luck.


There is one or two articles about airlayering somewhere on this blog to get more details.


  1. Hi Vlad. Been there, done that. I planned to reduce my collection and now I have so many new plants like I never had before. I have to start to look for new homes for some soon. Fingers crossed for your layering projects. Pear I layered with your advice is still doing fine. Greetings.


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