European hornbeam # 3245

Just kidding.  Showing lack of respect for a famous bonsai amateur.   A shame on my old bald head...

The true fact is that looking at the weather fcast for this week I have made a quick conclusion:
"The spring is just behind the corner - lets start with the first items from  my project list for this season.  Banzai."

Root pruning

Trying to reduce the size of a root ball with the main focus on reduction of the taproot and other main nowadays useless structural roots to get more space for hard working fine roots...

Hornbeam, Yamadori, Pruning,

Projects for this year

1.  Still need to work on a better transition between the "old and new" section.  I think I will let the current leader to have another full season of an unrestricted growth.  Once I am happy with the transition I will replace the current leader with the small side branch ( labeled NEW LEADER )

2. Need to produce some additional branches on the  left and back side of the tree.   The first thread grafted branch - first one  on the front side - looks OK 

3. Add some surface roots (see  Red circles ) and probably some more ones.  Unless the Nature will do the work for me....  Doubt it.

Now I need to get some seedlings.   Hope to manage it later this week.

Prunus mahaleb_#10

I have sat with a great local potter and bonsai artist Martin Ašenbrenner in front of this tree last September trying to find a bes...