Elm_what about a broom...

I have been planning to start with a broom for some time.  But it was only this year when I have picked nicely growing small elm with reasonable straight trunk.  With a little bit of hesitation, I have cut off the nicely developed leader and removed a bit of outer wood to make space for expected new growth.  All this happened somewhere in the second half of May.  During the first week after the cut - no signs of  the new growth.   OK, no problem. Too early - just a little bit of patience old man.   Second week - no action.  Third week - copy paste.  First signs of a despair in my face.  Have I lost a nicely growing plant just for my desire to have a broom?   Forth week - I have not bothered to check.
Fifth week - a visitor came to my place.  While passing the bench I have picked the container with the stub to share my bad feelings.  While talking I have noticed a greenish dot  on one side of the cut face.  Algae? I have scratched it with a nail. No, it is something different.  A bud?  Yes, it was a bud. And luckily it has survived my nail scraping test.

And this is how it looks now.

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