Betula verrucosa_Hollow trunk_Neither dressed nor naked...😄

The top section still looks quite empty.  Not much growth this year.  Not sure what was the reason for that.  Was it because of the thick layer of moss I have left to grow there during the top season?  I guess I have relied too much on its water holding capacity and have not supplied  enough water.   
Obviously  an old age  in itself  doesn't provide adequate protection against stupid errors if you switch off your common sense ( not to say your brain ).

So this is for me: Birches do love water you damned stupid old man.

Height:  close to 90 cm
Pot: Plasthalla
In training: since 2009


  1. Nádherný prirodzene vyzerajúci stromček :)

    1. Díky, Mimo-san. Zkouším "postavit" břízu na různé způsoby, ale pořad nejsem spokojenej. Divoce rostoucí bříza je nenapodobitelná...


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