Yamadori - Prunus mahaleb

Collected in 2012.   First spot in winter 2010/11.  Due to the local conditions - very dry rocky terrain -  the tree has developed  a long feeding root connected to the pocket of  soil below the tree.  The majority of the roots of the main trunk has penetrate the rock base in a desperate search of scarce water supply.  A difficult pick.    

In spring 2011 I have taken some soil off around of the main trunk exposing its roots.  Then the soil has been replaced by a mixture of  coarse akadama,  sphagnum moss and few doses of osmocote fertilizer.   (  I prefer to use this anorganic stuff to commercial organic ones to avoid damage by wild boars who love the taste of my organic pellets.  As the other alternative I am using  the roe deer's or hare's droppings ).  
     In the course of 2011 I have visited the site several times to check the conditions and mainly to bring some water supply.  The long feeding root has been gradually cut off at a reasonable distance from the main trunk.  I planned to keep it in the future design of the tree.
      The tree has been collected in spring 2012 and left alone till the late spring of 2014 when the first basic work has been carried out on the dead wood.

Nov 2013

Nov 2014

Limited growth this year:(.    In late spring I have progressed on the dead wood.   Dead bark stripped at the main trunk&conversion of two dead braches on jins.  The second branch on the right and the first one on left.

For the next year I plan to move the tree to its first pre bonsai pot.  Main focus now on the branch development with possible threadgrafting at the lover section of the trunk. & dead wood ageing ( heat&watter&technical frost used for plumbing )

Yamadori - Cornus mas



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