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Apart from collecting some really big trees I am also building up the number of small trees.  There are basically two practical reasons for that.  First - weight,  second - it is faster to achieve reasonable results in case you are starting from seed or cuttings.  Starting from seed or cuttings? Yes.  It is definitely the best way to start small tree.  Well, I know, small trees collected  from  Nature may have a great character. But there are also a lot of challenges.  Is it worth the effort?  Don't know, leaving that open...

Let's start with Yamadori.  The following little mahaleb could make a good representative of this category.

So what do we have to start with?

Problematic roots
The only solution to fix this is the air/ground layer.   Keep fingers crossed to get nice even distribution of new roots that could be used to grow nice nebari. Got it?  Great, but it is only the first step.  Then, how long does it take to the point when new roots will get the similar character as the main trunk?  

Thick branches
Remaining parts of thick branches that cannot be used in  design.  The majority of species in my region are not able to close the sizeable wound by callus. So the only solution is a dead wood.  Or is there anything else?

Carving dead wood is another challenge.  At least for me.  I like it,  but on the other side, it takes me a good number of sessions to get to the point I feel it is OK.  OK  doesn't mean it is completed and finished.  But still to get at this OK point could take anything between two to ??? years. Am I too slow?  I guess, but I prefer to see how the deadwood reacts due to the effects of natural forces before I move on.

After the first round of carving


I think that this tree could reach its peak within next ten years or so.   Collected in 2015.  So, let's say 10-15  years of growth in a pot.  And still there are some "flaws" that are mostly inevitable with Yamadori.
    How much time does it take to get a similar "finished" tree started from seed/cuttings?  For mahaleb I think that it could take 20-30 years.   With a good chance to avoid deadwood and any other yamadori challenges.  And above all:  have full control of development of  design the grower sketches in his/her mind.

Too long?  One should start as soon as possible, then.

Next time: trees from seed/cuttings


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