Prunus spinosa_Midway_Blossoms

There were few days with temps well over 22°C.   Nice sunny spring days.   The weather fcast for next fortnight has looked quite nice - so I could not resist to take trees from their winter shelter and place them on the shelves.  

With the Easterns on their way the temperatures went down.   We may get some snow again and temps may go slightly to the red zone.  No major problem for most of my plants. Nevertheless I will move some of them to the non frost area anyway.  Freshly repotted shohins etc.  Physical activity is supposed to extend your life so I do not complain...

2nd April

blossoms, blackthorn
From this angle the lower part looks like a typical masculine feature.

 The picture below is from the 24th March 2020.  



  1. Vyzerá to ozaj dobre. Krásne kvety. Prajem ti pekné sviatky 👍

    1. Díky. Užijte si Velikonoce a pohodu kolem stromků.


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