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Crazy world.  It is a summer.  Time to enjoy your holidays and relax.  Reality?  In many places it is just a moment to see your properties and belongings are taken by storm or water.   And this is not even the worst.    Many people were fighting just to safe their bare life.  And many of them have lost.   


Water and Wind.  Good servants but bad masters.   But is it really just the Nature to be blamed for it?   What is the role of the mankind?  Nobody knows for sure.  But the mankind has been doing a lot of bad things for the sake of Earning and Consumption.   Regadless if we paint these words  into more fancy colours such as amusement, dreams fulfilment, better life or something like this.

It is just a shame that all the time we follow the same scenario:



Stop running and start thinking

???  Is it no GO?  

Never mind. Keep running.


Gosh. That's it.   So here it is the promised tree

Prunus mahaleb

Height: 10 cm

Width: 28 cm which makes it a kifu sized tree.  Plans to move the crown a bit higher and closer to the trunk.  We will see...


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