Prunus mahaleb_Zorro

 The first few days of the new year are a bit lazy. So why not to take the advantage of it and share some other trees?

The mahaleb Zorro is one of my largest trees.  Well, better to say heaviest ones.  It is not very large, in fact it is just about 50 cm in height and about 70 cm in width.  But the trunk is quite massive and the pot needs to be quite large to accomodate the long surface root.   The shape  is not very typical for deciduous tree but I do like it that way.  And that counts...


Still long way to go...  

The "new part" clashes with the old one - just looking like a baby's arse.  Not to mention  a better taper and finer ramification...

Hope to find some time later on to repot it and while there to change the planting angle. The left side is right now planted too deep.

Height: 50 cm

Width:  70 cm

Pot: China



  1. Damn that's one impressive tree!

  2. Glad you like it, Ryan. That makes two of us...


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