Larix decidua_a blooming starter

 You never know.   

 Just imagine.  You  have a very old larch.  Each autumn you eargerly check the buds to see if there is any that could possibly develop into the blossom.   And year after year there is NO SINGLE ONE.

Then you pass by a neglected small something that is much closer to a seedling than to a reasonably sized tree.  


You can't believe your eyes.  The little blooming bastard is in bloom...

So it is now proudly sitting on a prime position next to a sizeable mahaleb.   Let it enjoy a few moments of glory.


This small larch was collected just few years ago just like 2-3 years old seedling.  Years from collection 3-4 ?   How old it could be then?   Definitely less than 10 years.

Most of the scientific papers would quote the age of 15 as a point when larches reach their sexual maturity.   See below one of them. 

Jan Matras1 and Luc E. Pâques2 

1 Forest Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland 2 INRA, Research Unit AGPF, Olivet Cedex France

Larix decidua

Larch trees reach sexual maturity at the age of 15 years in open stands but at the age of 35–40 years in closed stands. Larch produces seeds every 3–4 years on average.

 Anyway.   It is clear that average means nothing more than an average.   There could be quite a large spread of the gaussian distribution.   Here in CZ there is a wide spread believe that you can induce the bloosoming by stressing the tree.  Reduction of water supply for example. Maybe  heavy bending? What else?


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