Pinus nigra var. austriaca

 Collected in 2015 in the Central Bohemia.   


Height : 70 cm;        Pot: Martin Ašenbrenner

Challenges to tackle:

This branch has been pulled down by about 7 cm.  There is a cut at the base and another one in the middle.     Will see if  I can go any further in the bend.  If so I would need to reconsider the presence of the first branch on the left.  It looks a bit redundant even now and with better inclination of the problematic branch it will be even more so.

The other one is a real brain teaser: massive outstanding root.   There was a stone between the trunk and the root that has been removed in the course of time.  And now what?   Get a new stone there?  Remove the root?   Try to pull them down under the soil surface?  And what about the reverse taper?

Well, we will see.  I hope to start fixing this challenge next year.

And another one.   Different bucket though.  I am really looking forward to fix this one.   Remains of  wood that used to be the main trunk.   It was given the rough shape two years ago and since then it was left to dry out.  Moving it a step or two further that is another task for next year.   And not to forget the same applies for the top of the tree where I need to create a kind of a shari to improve the taper.

On the positive string - the bark in the lower section of the trunk make a nice pattern. Like it.

The pine has been wired at the beggining of August.  Just spreading shoots to get them as much light as possible without playing with the design.  There is still plenty of other work before this stage...


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