The HUG_three years after

 The life seems to be like a fast train.   Weekdays like a stations you pass without stopping and weekends are short stops to see some other people outside...  How different it is at the age  of -teens and now.   

I shared this tree just about three years ago.  If interested you can find that post here:    The tree looks a bit more mature now.  The crown is a bit heavier but I am  still thinking about it much more like a deciduous literati than anything else.   ( Well, I know. It looks  quite heavy in fact, but don't you think that one can see things the way one wants?  First there is the Wizzard of Perspective, second the Witch of Camera and last but not least the Kind Lord of ones Mind )

Total height of the tree above the rim of the pot is about 50 cm while the first branch is at 30 cm.


Very dramatic dead wood feature.  Because of the changed position the remains of the root on the left are now showing the straight cut - some more carving ahead.

Time to start looking for a new pot


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